Аурика, 27 лет, Россия
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Имя: Aurika
Возраст: 27
Месторасположение: Россия
Знак зодиака: Скорпион
Вес: 50кг
Рост: 170см
Цвет глаз: Голубой
Цвет волос: Светло-русый
Телосложение: Стройное
Насколько часто Вы курите?: Никогда
Насколько часто Вы пьете: Никогда
Ваш распорядок дня: Я - "жаворонок" (люблю рано вставать)
У Вас есть дети?:
10 лет мальчик, живет дома со мной
Английский 3(средний)
Французский 1(Начальный)
Русский 5(свободный)
Вы хотите иметь детей: Да
Вы согласны переехать?:
Я готов переехать в другую страну
Ваши жизненные приоритеты:
Семья, долговременные отношения
Душевное равновесие
Творческая реализация
Ваш доход: Постоянный средний доход
Где Вы проживаете?: Снимаю по потребности
Кто должен оплатить транспортные расходы или расходы на встречи?: Я не готов платить
Образование: Высшее образование
Профессия: Искусство
Возраст: 27 - 40
Страна: Западная Европа, Восточная Европа
Вес: до 99.88 кг
Рост: 170 - 180 см
Цвет глаз: Голубой, Зеленый, Серый
Цвет волос: Рыжий/каштановый, Белый, Светло-русый, Темно-русый, Шатен
Как Вы относитесь к тому, что партнер будет иметь детей?: Не против
Телосложение: Стройное, Нормальное, Мускулистое, Спортивное
курит: Никогда
пьет: Изредка в компаниях
Этническая принадлежность партнера: Белый / Европейская

Ответы на вопросы

Как бы Вы описали себя?
smart, positive, optimist, creative
I get up at 6 o'clock , doing meditation, kiss you, doing yoga and we running and we have breakfast: fresh juice and health dish...
I opened eyes and felt happiness and ease. I hugged my beloved and kissed him on the lips. We drank a vegetarian fresh and went for a morning jog. After we took a shower and dressed. The sun was dazzling and the birds sang beautiful love songs..
Как бы Вы описали своего идеального партнера?
Absolutely the right metaphor for all Women.

She stood on a high tower and looked into the distance. Eyes again were dimmed by tears – a week on the road to her castle, no one showed up. "So I'm never not gonna marry, I will be here to sing alone for the whole life..." – at such moments Princess was ready to saddle his horse and go on a quest and conquering the knights, who had become lazy and sluggish and did not want to perform feats for the sake of the beautiful ladies, preferring to settle for the available narinasai and dismissing rumors that the "Princess all died out as mammoths".

Amelia went to her room and collapsed on the bed. Tears again flowed from his eyes, and she decided to give vent to his suffering, who needs her beautiful eyes, who can see dignity even in the most overlooked of the man?

She hit the pillow with small Cams:

– Why did I spend eighteen years studying the science of Harmony of Family Life?

- Why did I study the Science of real Princesses?

- Who needs my knowledge, my skills, my magic hands, my gentle voice, my beautiful skin?

In the parlor went Dumped – her beloved nanny who taught her what a real Princess to be a good party Prince. She saw her favorite child being killed, she knew that all princesses had to go through the Temptation stage in order to become real Princesses. The temptation to be like everyone else. The temptation to lower the bar to those knights who just pass by and hope for free to get the Princess.

me about her.

And again began to listen to the story baby sitting on its mother. She remembered her vaguely – mother died when she was ten years old, and Amelia recreated her image in the cabaret. These stories reassured her and gave her strength to endure and wait beyond her Prince, as her mother did – she met her father, the real Prince, when she was twenty – eight years old-an unprecedented case for their Kingdom, where the girls hurried to marry before she was 16.

The nanny finished her story, stroked Amelia on the head and said:

"My daughter, it is hard for me to see your torment, and I will never judge you if you fail this test, if the light of marriage is brighter for you than the desire to remain A real Princess. But you're born a real Princess, and Real Princesses can only be happy with Princes. Somewhere there is a man, born for you, and he will become Present Prince, only if you will retain in psyche the firm intention to remain a Princess under any circumstances.

– Okay, nanny, I'm sorry, I will continue to study the Textbook of Princesses…

She put herself in order, crossed her long scythe and again sat at the window to wait for the Prince and continue the development of family Sciences.

Heart of its was racing, even before, than she saw on the road the approaching clubs dust. She gave the face a serene expression and stared at the book, knowing that neither of the letters they will read.

Another knight approached closer, and a cursory glance at his Princess and gave her all the information – it was not a Prince. However, as befits a Princess, she graciously looked at him and smiled slightly etiquette obliged her to give a chance to everyone who wants to rise to her level.

– Hello, Princess! The glory of you has reached my ears, and I have come to marry you!

- Hello, brave knight! Are you ready to fight the dragon?

Knight immediately went out, and Amelia felt, as to throat again rolled up whom. However, she took herself in hand – the Princess was not expected to dwell on people.

– Look, isn't like something without dragons? Keep it simple, time Princesses past and you can sit here your entire life in a tower, waiting for the idiot who wants to fight a dragon.

The Princess already knew what will happen next – for some reason all the knights deprince acted out their scenes on the same scenario, like he studied it in one place.

First they tried to play nice, tried to persuade the Princess to go down to him, promised all possible enjoyment out of life, promised Golden mountains and silver rivers.

Then they started to threaten her loneliness, old age, cinacalcet, bitchiness and other diseases single women.

– Dear knight, let us agree on one thing: "I'm stupid" and you're not going to invent a fiery speech.

- Wow, you're definitely a cool girl! How about we hang out sometime? Well what do you expect?

- Sorry, I have to go to class. All the best to You!

She moved away from the window and sadly watched as another hunter for her hand and heart in relief drove the horse in the direction of hometown. Tears ran down her face, because in the modern age, all that was needed was the knight to agree to feats for the sake of a beautiful Princess. Dragons are long gone, the fights were canceled, test for the knights were easier, but they even desire arose in their place, they began to look for loopholes and eventually went back in search of princesses compliant.
Amelia was still crying, but I could feel him inside her emerging unknown feeling. It was a magical force, about which much was said nanny. She was born only a True Princess and was a bit reminiscent of stubbornness.

Amelia stamped her foot and said loudly, as if giving an oath all the Real Princesses of his family: "I'm a Real Princess! And I'd much rather be alone than be narinasai!»

With this days in it something happened. She stopped to wait for knights, ceased to count the days until the arrival of another suitor, stopped crying after their arrival and to condemn all men for what they no longer wanted to rise up, to raise their level, to accomplish feats in order to win the favor of the Princess.

She just lived. Learned. We went to a gathering of Princesses. Doing arts and crafts. Prayed. Played with the animals. Riding. So it's been two years.

The Princess still had knights. And they became less – in the district started talking about her capricious temper, bad character, hidden deformities, because sometimes people omit things which can't reach to their level to feel on top.

Not to say that Amelia these rumors did not cause any feelings, she was bitter and hurt, and at the same time, it was held that the lessons of the psychology of crowds and now, in practice, could not only understand what is happening around, but to cope with their feelings. Real Princesses need to be ready not only for the love of the people, but also to gossip.

It all happened in one day. The Princess was returning from a horse-Hiking, she was wearing simple clothes. And suddenly towards it left knight. He stopped his horse, dismounted and bowed to the girl.

Hello, where are you going? Aren't You scared all alone in the woods?

The Princess was taken aback, they never spoke with the knights so close, and now did not even dare to raise his eyes.

– Hello! I live nearby, I go home.

- Come on, I'll show you. I heard these woods aren't safe for young girls, it is home to wild animals.

Of course, Amelia did not tell the knight that it is much easier to find a common language with wild animals than with the knights, she made a scared face and quickly nodded, accepting the invitation of the knight to hold it.

– Where are You going?

I'm going to the castle of the Princess Amelia, to try his luck.

– And-and-and...and You are not afraid? About her say that she is willful and capricious, it is impossible to find a common language, and they say that she's ugly and hides her deformities under a mask. I would never dare come to such a doll…

– My dear girl, at Your age, not fitting so much time on the gossip. If You studied the science of harmonious relationships, you would know that people often judge those who do not understand. And what about the Princess talk a lot, already talking about what this extraordinary man. Which means you should meet her.

Amelia's heart was pounding with fright, and she quickly began to drive away from itself thought that it might be Prince, not to immerse in the illusion and not to think of myself the way in which it is easy to fall in love and suffers, as do aprincess.

- Well, maybe you're right. What do You think about the fact that it assigns each knight a terrible experience, requires a constant exploits and all the new achievements? It's the same vagaries! How can you be so cruel to people, how can our men to perform all the whims of a woman? Need after all be a little more modest?

– You are still young and naive, and it forgives Your misunderstanding of the nature of men and women. Any real Prince will consider it an honor for himself to fight and perform feats for the sake of his beloved woman. And if they're too much for him, it means he's just not born for this Princess.

Amelia almost cried – he knew the science of relationships. He was a Real Prince.

– Sorry, I now urgently need You to leave, I already got a father, she quickly jumped into the saddle and galloped away, leaving his companion in confusion. She needed to get to the castle before his arrival, she had to freshen up, she had to remember that goes beyond the question of willingness to fight a dragon – because then it is still no knight was not.

– Nanny, he goes, help me, – she flew to the parlor.

Flushed, with burning eyes shining – if the Prince could see her, he would have been fascinated by its purity, beauty and power!

A true Princess is not proper to fuss and shout all over the Palace. Wait, baby, I'll help you get dressed, and the Prince will wait, because if this is a real Prince, he knows how to behave – the nanny shook hands, and Amelia saw that her beloved nanny with difficulty holding back tears.

She sat down in front of her, kissed her wrinkled hands, hugged her tight:

– Nanny, are you okay, honey, I'm a Real Princess! You did it!

- Don't rush, my the good, a Real Princess you then become only then, when Real Prince will pass all tests.

Yeah, I know. It will pass, she calmed down and took to slowly bring myself up.

When the knight came to the tower, in the window there sat the Princess, with dignity and calm to look at him.

– Hello, Princess! The glory of your beauty, power, wisdom has reached my Kingdom, and I want to try my luck in the struggle to win your heart!

– Hello, knight! Are you ready to fight the dragon?

– Yes, I would do anything for your smile, dear stranger from the forest…

The Princess realized that was gone... Forever.

And her efforts were not in vain. Because she met a real Prince. Because now she's A real Princess!
Если бы через тридцать дней настал бы конец света, что бы Вы делали?
Dance with you
Если бы у Вас было бы лишних 10 миллионов долларов, чтобы Вы сделали?
Building Green Country! Do you want with me?
Как часто и с кем Вы советуетесь?
Какое качество Вы особенно цените в лицах своего пола?
Какое качество Вы особенно цените в лицах противоположного пола?
Недавнее крупное событие Вашей жизни?
Happy - way heart
Главный совет, который Вы дадите своим детям?
Love God
Последние книги, которые Вы прочитали?
Vladimir Cherepovets "Crossroad"
Ваши цели сейчас?
Найти человека, с которым у нас совпадут цели, желания, вкусы, предпочтения
Кем Вы восхищаетесь?
Mahamatma Gandi
Много ли у Вас друзей?
Какие качества Вы особенно не любите в лицах своего пола?
I'm for women's solidarity!
Какие качества Вы особенно не любите в лицах противоположного пола?
Lack of attention
Что бы я хотел изменить в себе?
More love myself
Мои недостатки
Tell me
Мои достоинства
Tell me
Как меня видят мои друзья?
Как меня видят просто знакомые?
Мои любимые игры
Мои любимые писатели и поэты
Konstantin Balmont, Chehov, Vadim Zeland, biblia
Моя любимая музыка
Instrumental, classic, mantra
Моя любимая еда
Avocado, mango, apricot, shrimp, seafood
Мои любимые фильмы
"Beautiful and green" about our planet. Film by France. "Captain Fantastic", "Dogs life", "Another story" by Argentina, "Crazy wedding" by France
Мои любимые сказки
Game of Thrones, Mahabharata
Мое любимое занятие
Writing, Reading, Family, Florist, walk in the forest, go on the mountain
I love cooking, sing in karaoke, dance!
Работа, о которой я мечтаю
With travel, spelling. Director.. Actor.. President.. Wife-Qeen my King-husband
Партнер, о котором я мечтаю
He love me and gift me flowers and drink fresh, walk with me any where
Место, где я хочу жить
Beautiful... Fresh air.. Waterfall... Forest... Mountain...
Насколько Вам нравится садоводство?
Я люблю садоводство
Как Вы относитесь к походам в магазин за едой?
По-настоящему наслаждаюсь этим
Насколько Вы наслаждаетесь другими типами хождения по магазинам?
Я был(а) рожден/а для этого
Вам нравится готовить?
Я должна готовить
Как часто Вы хотели бы выходить в свет
3-4 раза в неделю
Вам нравится ужинать вне дома?
Мне это сильно нравится
Что касается телевидения я
Выбираю искусство
Что касается денег
Я тут же трачу их как только получаю
Я могу описать себя в гостях как
Это зависит от многого. Я что, приглашен(а)?
Поддерживаю мое место/квартиру
Не совершенным, но близко к этому
Для меня идеально было бы жить в
хижина в горах
Домашние животные и я
У меня нет, но мне нравятся Кот(-ы), Собака(-и), Рыбки, Птички
Какой вид телевизионных программ Вы больше всего любите смотреть?
Научно-фантастические, Обучающие, Документальные, Комедии, Сериалы, Природа/Дикая жизнь, Мультфильмы, Приключения/боевики
Мне очень нравится проводить свободное время
На природе, Ходить по магазинам, Посещая музеи или галереи, посещая лекции/ занятия, Обедая с другом, С семьей, Возясь в саду, Поедая что-нибудь вкусненькое
Туризм, Езда на велосипеде, Отдых на природе, Рыбалка, Танцы, Бег, Плавание, Прогулки, Виндсерфинг/Серфинг
Виды спорта, которыми Вы любите заниматься, или смотреть
Баскетбол, Гольф, Американский футбол
Виды развлечений, которые Вам нравятся
Концерты, Дротики, Показы мод, Изысканные ужины, Музеи/Живопись, Классическая музыка, Кантри, Джаз, Поэзия, Чтение, Интернет, Настольные игры, Походы в кинотеатр
Другие хобби или интересы
Астрология, Семья/Дети, Приготовление изысканной пищи, Философия/Духовность, Путешествия, Писательское творчество, Живопись, Фотография, Садоводство, Инвестиции, Покупки, Йога